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Carlo Berra, the founder of the homonym company, was born in Albenga on 14/06/1901. Since he realized the economic opportunities offered by the fruit and vegetable crops from the “Piana” in Albenga (artichokes, violet asparagus, curly endives, cabbages, apricots, tomatoes and peaches), he started a flourishing commerce and distribution of those products on a national scale.
In 1937 the sole trader CARLO BERRA entered the Provincial Exporters Register with nr. 133 and C.C.I.A.A. Register with nr 14861; after that, he started the export activity of the famed first fruits growing in Albenga towards Germany and Switzerland markets.
Between the end of the year 1943 and May 1945, the commerce activity was suddenly interrupted by World War II.
At the end of the war the company started to work again: export trade was increased, so the delicious and fragrant peaches from the Italian Riviera entered the principal Northern European markets, above all England, after a long and “adventurous” travel on rail…
Unfortunately, just while CARLO BERRA was living its greater development (July 1955), the founder died. The company leadership was left to his first-born Pietro, who was twenty-two years old. He continued his father’s commercial line, principally based on the quality and seriousness of commitments; Pietro is still the head of the company.
Thanks to the great demand coming from a huge number of customers and a change in their tastes, in 1958 the present administrator began the importation of winter tomatoes from Canaries and Spain. At the same time he became one of the suppliers of the American Army in Northern Europe… Since business improved, a new store for the packing of crops was bought and the “mythical” company moved from Via dei Mille to Via Mazzini 40.
In the mid sixties the necessity of new and richer markets brought to a slow but constant increase of commercial activities towards Scandinavian countries.
At the beginning of the eighties CARLO BERRA became a limited partnership, when Pietro’ s sons Carlo and Anna entered the activity. New minds and new ideas led to the opening of a new platform in Milan, at the famous fruit and vegetable market “Ortomercato”: the new age of mix loads started…
A gradual but constant development occurred in Albenga too, and at the beginning of the nineties Pietro’s third-born Andrea entered the company.
Thanks to its ever-growing business, the firm moved again to a new and modern building in Viale dell’Agricoltura 50, where it is still placed.
On 18/05/1995 CARLOBERRA s.r.l succeeded BERRA CARLO s.a.s in management and invoicing of foreign and Italian customers; others satellite firms linked to and checked by CARLOBERRA s.r.l were founded, such as LA RIVIERA s.r.l and some agricultural firms on the “Piana”.
In 2007 the company, always faithful to the motto “innovation and tradition”, decided to add to the fruit and vegetable store a new department dealing in Mediterranean plants.
The famous aromatic plants of the Italian Riviera are now distributed all over Italy and Europe too, following the same way started by fruit and vegetable crops many years ago.

Today our group is able to follow the manufacturing process of each crop, from the picking up to the final consumer, reaching its founder’s principles: quality, continuity of service and seriousness in commitments guaranteed by the prestigious UNI ENI ISO 9001/2000 CERTIFICATE that CARLOBERRA srl got on 04/10/2002.